What makes the city of Dubai so rich?
I would really like to know what makes the city of Dubai so rich. Like the amount of money they make in year Canada does not see that in 3 years.Why is that?

If you see old photos of Dubai (1950s-1960s), it was a very small town.
The oil and gas wealth ofcourse helped them improve rapidly.
Then they have two big ports Port Rashid and Jebel Ali, making them a shipping hub of the region. They also have one of the largest drydock and ship yard in the region Dubai Drydocks. They have a large aluminium smelter - DUBAL (because power is cheap). They have an airline Emirates Airlines and one of the most beautiful airports in the region. Their duty free shopping attracts tourists from all over Middle East and South Asia. Lipton Tea has one of the most efficient blending and packaging factories in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Except, oil, gas and cheap electric power, they have no other natural resources like bauxite, tea or any other thing nor the manpower. They import labour, raw materials and also customers to do duty free shopping and have becoming a thriving Emirate for the whole world to copy. No democracy, no labour unions, no strikes. Like it - work, otherwise fly out.

* Dubai has the same story as Las Vegas I don't mean place for gambling I mean Dubai is in the hand of Mafia.

* The business.

* All the rich people came there to live and they brought money with them.

* Most of the Imports ( Electronic, cars, food etc ) for Iran. Afghanistan, some Pakistan, and many other countries in middle east comes first to Dubai from China and then they are transported to these countries which is ironic because like Afghanistan has also a border with China still they can't import directly from China.

dubai economy r in two parts

oil which is like 10%

busniss 90%

ppl come to dubai and invest their money and construction and this stuff made dubai and also dubai give easy ways to come and invest the money